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Hi Tech Monday : Customers Are Social Too

I’m making another change to the 7kindsofmind this week, I’m introducing Hi Tech Mondays – I may be talking about my newest app obsession or something on social media that caught my eye. If it’s techy, it’s Monday.

So this week I’m interested in the ways in which customers use social media to communicate with businesses. The relative new-ness of social media as a method of formal communication means that the relationship between businesses and consumers is ever evolving. The idea that every user can have an equal voice means that well-known figures as well as the everyman get to have their say, and as such businesses can be built upon word of mouth, but this time it’s the entire world having a conversation. I’ve¬†experienced both sides of the coin, as a customer trying to work out why it takes 7 months for a Scottish brewery to deliver my brother’s Christmas present (and when I say Christmas, I’m talking about 2012. Seriously. Those guys are useless.), or as a representative of my employer sometimes replying to Twitter questions. This has been a fairly new thing, but it means that we can still answer people’s questions about our theatre and our hardworking Marketing Officer can actually enjoy her weekend.

I have always been interested in keeping up with what is being said about my employers, whether it’s their Facebook page or Twitter account, just to see what kind of feedback our company gets. It’s nice to know if you’re doing your job properly. These are not always positive comments, sometimes people expect the impossible or are simply having a bad day, where any slight inconvenience feels like the end of the world. Sadly, I do not control the weather in an open air venue or create a new product on the spot that will fit one person’s very specific requirements. I’ll definitely do my best. Yes, a person is more likely to speak up if they are dissatisfied by an experience, but that doesn’t mean that it is all bad.

When you work in customer service, there is nothing more rewarding than a person making a point of thanking you for the assistance that you provided, it really makes my day. Which is why I strive to be good at my job – if my customers are happy, then I’m happy. The mind boggles as to why people put no effort into their work and then complain that they receive very little in return. A positive attitude is key.¬†There have been times when, reading a Twitter feed or Facebook comments, I have recognised the person discussing their experience and felt that their enjoyment of a performance is a credit to the many people across all departments working hard every day to make sure they have a good night out. That is the whole point, after all.

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Monday Pick Me Up : Cloths in Space

This video isn’t so much funny as mind blowing. I had to watch it a few times because it took me so long to get over the fact that the Canadian astronaut is in zero gravity, but what it boils down to is the ways in which water acts and reacts in space. Very simple experiment, very simple explanation. But nonetheless I found it amazing. If the everyday act of straining the water out of a washcloth can be so beautiful, just imagine the other possibilities. Needless to say, I am profoundly jealous and in awe of those people lucky enough to experience that kind of environment. So if Starfleet could just hurry up and exist I would be very grateful.

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Monday Pick Me Up : Dogs in Tights Will Make Anyone Happy


When you’re having one of those days, when it seems like everything is going wrong, just look at these photos of dogs in tights. And be happy.

The person who first thought to put a pair of tights on their dog is a genius. Thank you mystery person, for making my week that little bit brighter.

See more photos on here : BuzzFeed

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Monday Pick Me Up : YouTube 1, Humanity 0

YouTube’s genius April Fool’s prank is worth a watch if only for the indignant comments that it created…I do love a YouTube troll.


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Monday Pick Me Up: Dogs Can Be Republican Too

Although I’m not entirely sure how the owners trained their dog to reject any Obama offerings, it’s pretty funny to watch the little mutt express his political views. Maybe there should be a follow up video so that we can see whether he endorses Romney or Santorum. Who knew that carrots could convey such a strong political message?

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Monday Pick Me Up: Jimmy Fallon wiggle wiggles with Bruce Springsteen

In a reprisal of their memorable Whip My Hair performance, Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon teamed up once again on the latter’s late night talk show to perform their rendition of LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It. There really are no words to describe the wiggle wiggle-ing that takes place, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself.

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Monday Pick Me Up: Two pints of heavy for the Scotsmen in Rome

I’ve been a bit nostalgic, comedy-wise, on YouTube recently, and have been looking up all of the sketches that I haven’t heard for a while. From Monty Python to George Carlin, I’ve been chuckling away to all of my comedy heroes. It doesn’t get much better than an irate John Cleese, but it is one sketch that had forgotten existed, from the marvelous Billy Connolly, that I just had to share. The two Scotsmen in Rome has been etched in my mind for years, I couldn’t remember every detail but I knew that I howled with laughter whenever I listen to it. I also happened upon the Jobbie Weecha, two words: comic. gold.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKMQKgSnGy8%5D [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmpRQLaxF60%5D
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Monday Pick Me Up: The Girl Be Crazy

I’ve had a bit of break this last week, a combination of job interviews and family visits scuppered my blogging plans, but now I’m back with a vengeance.

This week, a lot of people seem to be going crazy over a series of text messages that have come to alight, much to the embarrassment of the batshit crazy lady who sent them I’m sure. As re-enacted on NZ radio’s Fletch & Vaughan show, a girl in the USA went into stalker overdrive following a one night stand with a luckless victim, she proceeded to bombard him with endless messages for a few days, until she realised the insanity of her actions and wisely backed off. Definitely a lesson to all womankind.

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Monday Pick Me Up: Meryl is Queen

Meryl Streep Oscars 2012

So once again I’m unable to post a non-YouTube video on here, so you’ll have to make do with a link to Perez Hilton for today’s pick me up. To no ones surprise, Meryl Streep won her third golden man last night, it seems that even she thinks her record 17 nominations are overkill.

Her speech was equal parts original, funny and moving – as she mentioned the certainty surrounding her victory in the run up to the awards and then paid tribute to her longtime hair stylist (and now Oscar winner) J. Roy Helland, as well as the rest of her friends in the audience. And let’s face it, she’s probably friends with most of the audience by now.

While I’m in agreement that her accurate portrayal of Maggie Thatcher deserved a win, I wish that she had not been up against such strong candidates, such as Viola Davis. I rewatched The Help last night and remembered just how much I utterly loved it the first time, Viola’s stellar performance more than qualifies her for Oscar glory, maybe next time.

It was a pretty dull ceremony in all, no real surprises – how amazing would it have been if Melissa McCarthy’s name had been on the envelope?! Ah well, maybe next year the most exciting moment won’t be that Sacha Baron Cohen has poured Kim Jong Il’s ashes onto Ryan Seacrest, but something that was actually relevant to the awards.


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Monday Pick Me Up: Corpsing IS Comedy

This week I’ve become a bit obsessed with the most recent episode of SNL, in which alum Maya Rudolph returns to her former stomping ground, along with a few surprise guests. Justin Timberlake and Amy Poehler both popped up for stellar cameos in skits poking fun at Beyonce’s new baby, as well reviving the old favourite, Bronx Beats. My personal favourite was the Super Showcase sketch, in which pretty much everyone involved was corpsing at Shonda and Vonda (Rudolph and Kristen Wiig) as they took a contestant through the various surprises that they could’ve won. I think that the best sketches are the ones that are so funny that even the performers can’t help but laugh, and you become a part of a group of friends who are, let’s face it, pissing around on stage and doing silly voices. Haven’t we all done something similar? Anyway, it’s not available on Youtube and my HTML skills are not quite up to scratch yet so you’ll have to click on the link below, enjoy.

SNL-Super Showcase

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