Monday Pick Me Up: The Girl Be Crazy

I’ve had a bit of break this last week, a combination of job interviews and family visits scuppered my blogging plans, but now I’m back with a vengeance.

This week, a lot of people seem to be going crazy over a series of text messages that have come to alight, much to the embarrassment of the batshit crazy lady who sent them I’m sure. As re-enacted on NZ radio’s Fletch & Vaughan show, a girl in the USA went into stalker overdrive following a one night stand with a luckless victim, she proceeded to bombard him with endless messages for a few days, until she realised the insanity of her actions and wisely backed off. Definitely a lesson to all womankind.

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One thought on “Monday Pick Me Up: The Girl Be Crazy

  1. paramourinwaiting says:

    Wow. Sounds like this dude I came across lately. LOL!

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