Travellin’ Tuesdays: Spanish beagles made me cry

This week I am breaking with tradition and talking about someone else’s travels rather than my own. I StumbledUpon this video of beagles experiencing grass and sunshine for the first time, after living in a Spanish research lab for their entire lives up to that point. They are obviously nervous and scared by their new LA surroundings, but it is painfully clear that they crave affection and contact with both humans and each other – another reminder of why it is beyond reason to imprison them in a lab cage.

For more details see the Huffington Post’s story here :

To find out more about The Beagle Freedom Project, who organised the dogs’ new life go here :


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2 thoughts on “Travellin’ Tuesdays: Spanish beagles made me cry

  1. Jess says:

    dude. what a vid. I cried too, arhghghd. Totally reblogged this story ( Keep up the writing! J Xx

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