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Saturday Pot Luck: SNAIL

Apparently there’s a clubby type tune called ‘Sail’ by a group called AWOLNATION floating around, the people at The PetCollective were singing it in their office and some bright spark replaced the titular word with that of a small shell-dwelling creature. Hilarity ensues.

I watched the original, and it just didn’t seem as good without the snail.


[Story via BuzzFeed.com]

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Monday Pick Me Up: Freaky Friday Experience on YouTube

In looking for a new installment of my current YouTube obsession, My Drunk Kitchen, I stumbled upon a crossover episode in which Hannah (the best wisecracking drunk cook ever) impersonates another familiar face from the vlogging world, Jenna Marbles. Donning a platinum wig and Jenna’s signature tone of voice, Hannah is hilarious and surprisingly spot on in her good natured mockery.  She also mentioned that her motivation to make the video was the parody of MDK recently made by Jenna, which was equally hilarious, leading to a Freaky Friday like swapover of genius. Jenna attempts to make cheesecake, and unlike MDK’s numerous interesting attempts, the actual cooking goes pretty well. So this week there are TWO brilliant videos that have me hooked, enjoy!

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