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Fame On A Friday (on a Saturday Potluck): Has Hollywood finally got some morals?

Hollywood's most normal couple?

Apologies for the lateness, again, it seems that I am particularly unproductive on Fridays, so for this week I’m amalgamating Friday and Saturday into one. Anyway, I want to talk about Hollywood’s most amicable divorce, that of Katy Perry and Russell Brand. I think that Ms. Perry may be the first person in history to end their marriage with a smiley face, and Russell Brand possibly the only less famous spouse who won’t take a penny from their meal ticket. Of course, Russell Brand is certainly famous and rich, but I suspect nowhere near on the scale of his ex-wife, who regularly sells out areas all over the world. What has struck me is the common sense of his [supposed] reason, basically that he wouldn’t dream of taking money that Katy herself has earned. They also decided against a pre-nup for similar reasons, that they would never get to the point where they would want to take everything from one another. How completely human and un-Hollywood. Although they doesn’t seem to be the only one: Kris Humphries has said that he’s not interested in Kim Kardashian’s money, just in proving that she’s a fraud. Good luck with that Kris, she’s a billionaire in charge of how you’re edited on screen, and could probably have you killed with a wink of one her false eyelashes. Kim K is definitely evil and conniving, but the fact is that everyone already knows that about her and yet still chooses to watch one the many shows that her and her godawful family churn out. The Kardashian-Jenners are the vermin of TV, and cockroaches are notoriously hard to kill.

In other news, Halle Berry is proving to be a queen bitch in her custody battle with Gabriel Aubry for their stunning daughter Nahla. From what I can see Aubry wants equal visitation with his child, while Berry wants to get a restraining order for her ex and then move to France. Today the judge in their case decided that Aubry would have to have supervised visits with Nahla, after a nanny alleged that he pushed her while she was holding his daughter. Sounds a bit like someone is sucking up to the Oscar winner to me, but hey, maybe the beautiful Adonis man is violent. Which must be why there are so many photo ops of him gazing adoringly into his daughter’s eyes. Sometimes it can be so wearing to keep up with the various contrivances of the rich and famous, which is why Russell Brand and Katy Perry are such a breath of fresh air. Here’s hoping it continues.

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Saturday Potluck: Oh The Weather Outside Is Weather

As I sat here trying to work out what I could put in the potluck today, I was interrupted by my dogs wanting to go out, I dutifully obliged and as I opened the door was greeted by a shitload of snow! Now I knew that such childhood delights were predicted for my area, but I was only expecting the usual smattering of snowflakes that have turned to slush by the time you’ve donned all the layers of clothes that are required to make a snowman. But no, this a thick goose-down duvet of wonder that was just asking for a frolic. I had mistakenly thought that my slippers would be sufficient and quickly had a rethink before swapping them for heavy duty boots, before I jumped right in with my very excited pooches. The younger one was having his first snow experience, utterly confused yet excited for a whole new collection of things to eat, bark at, generally intimidate/run away from (depending how threatening a particular snowflake looked). My older dog is a dab hand, showing the youngster how it’s done. He has long favoured the ‘try to eat every snowflake as it falls’ method, and had a jolly old time, though he sadly failed in his quest to catch every single one. Poor dear.

I was quite content to simply watch my four legged friends have a ball, although I felt a small pang of dismay every time the smooth, just settled blanket was disturbed by haphazard paw. I hope that my neighbours will not hold the carnage that our cul-de-sac has become against me, maybe tonight’s frivolities will be disguised by more snowfall by morning. And then we can do it all over again.

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