Fame On A Friday: Adele gives the finger and gets support, bad luck MIA

Adele's message to 'The Suits'

The main story this week has been the controversy surrounding the monumentally poor decision to cut off Adele in the midst of her speech after winning the most important award at The Brits. The luckless James Corden has been bombarded with abuse ever since, which is a bit unfair, but then again I doubt that the award bigwigs have a Twitter account.

It seems that everyone is thinking the same thing – listening to Adele give a heartfelt speech in her usual genuine way would have been a lot more entertaining than hearing Damon Albarn wail into a microphone, during which it became painfully clear that Blur are past their best. The overwhelming support for Adele demonstrates just how different our nation is from our American neighbours. While her middle-fingered gesture of frustration has been lauded as a just and necessary message to The Brits bosses, the outrage surrounding MIA’s flipping of the bird during the Superbowl has actually managed to overshadow Madonna’s comeback performance. MADONNA.

The gyrating wannabe teenager put on a 12 minute performance that featured acrobatic dance moves, a King Xerxes-style carnival float and all of the most popular music acts in the charts at the moment. And yet, a one second gesture from an already-known-to-be-controversial singer has overshadowed the entire thing. Madge must be well and truly pissed.

MIA has been accused of corrupting the minds of innocent children by multiple over-zealous conservative groups (who else?), nevermind that they were already watching a show which featured men attacking each other for the sake of a few seconds of holding a ball. Or the presence of other salacious acts, such as Nicki Minaj, whose songs have recently made stars out of two young British girls, Sophia Grace and Rosie. They regularly appear on TV shows such as Ellen, singing her not quite PG-13 lyrics. God forbid that the children of America should see a person’s finger!

Furthermore, the middle finger gesture is so established as school playground fodder that it’s practically childish for these two well-respected artists to express themselves in such a way. Couldn’t they just have written c*nt on their arses and flashed that? If you’re going to corrupt the minds of a young generation, you might as well go the whole hog.

[Image via dailyrecord.co.uk]

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