It’s my elimination and I’ll scream if I want to

When Rachel Crow was eliminated from the US version of X Factor recently, it would seem that everyone was shocked, but no more than her. The teenager threw a full on toddler-wanting-sweeties tantrum that made American hearts weep. Not so much in the UK. Our response was, as always, to mercilessly take the piss out of the precocious little twonk.

When Hollie Steele broke down during her performance on Britains Got Talent a few years ago, I couldn’t watch it. Seeing a 10 year old crying for her Mum on live TV was pretty excruciating and it kicked off a lot of questions about the ethics of allowing young people onto programmes such as these. Yet in the case of Rachel, we saw a spoilt child who threw a fit when she didn’t get what she wanted. The public didn’t like her enough to vote for her and her elimination was valid. In fact it has been reported that she has been approached by Disney, so pretty soon we’ll have yet another Miley Virus running around and infecting our kids with their squeaky clean poison. Fabulous.

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