Desperation leads to recruitment consultation.

I have been job hunting since March of this year, and so far have only heard back once – from my brilliant (but unpaid) internship at the Cambridge Film Festival. It’s now been over for a month and I am still spending my days watching reruns of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and endlessly applying for jobs. My search has widened, and I’ve developed an interest in new areas, but to no avail. It’s pretty difficult to believe that you’re actually employable when faced with so much rejection, and I was expecting it due to my chosen career path, but wow. What was the point in getting an education at all?

So now I have reached the point where my pride goes out the window, and I start contemplating the recruitment consultant vacancies. Friends of mine that have already bitten the bullet tell me that it’s soul destroying yet well paid – but what matters more, job satisfaction or a good wage packet? I don’t think I’m quite consumerist enough to ever feel good about that kind of employment.

On a happier note, I have a meeting next week with a local community TV company, where I’ll hopefully be able to get some work experience. Every cloud! At this point, it seems nigh on impossible to break into the media without some sort of experience, which is a handy little vicious circle for those just starting out…


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