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Wednesday’s Got Issues: Something happened in the football world, and everybody cares

The main news story today has been the resignation of Fabio Capello as the England football team’s manager, it has been everywhere since it was announced. If you look on the BBC homepage this story, and the story of another aging manager’s court trial, are pretty much dominant features. And what irritates me is that everyone has an opinion, is talking about it as if it affects their life, and generally accepting the massive coverage that has been going on. Why? Because the UK is a nation of football fans, you only have to look at an average tabloid newspaper’s TV advert to see that the majority of the working and middle classes focus a lot of their attention on which of ‘their’ teams has beaten the hated rival (which incidentally changes to suit every single match), rather than realising that there are bigger news stories out there.

The same applies to the importance that the general media place on stories of celebrity hook-ups and break-ups, it is almost painful to see a BBC newsreader, used to reporting in a warzone, relegated to a red carpet event just to ask some jumped up ingenue about what it was like to kiss Brad Pitt. Fuck. Off.

I’ll admit, the world of entertainment is something of an interest of mine and while I can’t stand football, if there’s a story about the All Blacks then I’m all ears. But the point is that if I want to read about such subjects, then I go to the relevant source, I do not expect Perez Hilton to get as excited about a general election than he did about Kim Kardashian’s wedding. Of course, he does report quite often on political matters, particularly ones relevant to gay civil rights – which is very admirable – but that’s not why I read his website. If I go to the BBC News homepage, I expect to see stories that fit in with their reputation for high brow reportage, not the revelation that millionaire Russell Brand will not be asking for any money from millionaire Katy Perry. Yes, it’s refreshing to see celebrities mid-divorce behaving like adults (I’m looking at you Halle Berry), but I’d much prefer to hear about what has been going on in Syria, or at the Leveson inquiry.

In a way, I’m mostly annoyed with other people. The media has responded to signals from their viewers about what constitutes an engaging news story, and they are going to do whatever they can to increase their ratings, I get it. But just once it would be nice not to have to get my information about more serious topics from sources on Twitter, rather than have to wait even past the human interest story, in which a farmer has grown a marrow bigger than his entire family, to learn a bit more about what’s going on in my country.

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Wednesday’s Got Issues: America the Uninformed

As I was trying to think of a pertinent issue to write about today, my mind kept wandering back to the utter stupidity that is Fox News, and my disbelief that so many Americans believe their lies. So I’m going to have a bit of a rant about the various faults and inaccuracies that, while hilarious, are destroying the moral fibre of a country that is very dear to my heart.

To begin, let’s look back at the hacking scandal of last year, never have I seen more blatant twisting of facts than in the reportage of Fox News. As highlighted by the always excellent Daily Show, the network managed to distort the truth to such an extent that News International suddenly replaced Milly Dowler as the innocent victim. If you can’t believe that something so morally wrong would be possible, then look it up on The Daily Show’s website. Admittedly, most of my Fox News updates come from that source, and let’s face it they’re hardly going to be complimentary, but there is only so much editing that can be done to make people look that ignorant before you just have to accept that they actually are being ridiculous.

A further example would be the overt Republican favouritism that has inexplicably sustained a political party that truly belongs in the dark ages. While I can understand the reasoning behind conservative values, I have never been able to comprehend America’s refusal to separate Church from State, or the ability of the uninformed to gain power to the extent that they become lawmakers. I will always believe that everyone has a right to choose what they do with their body, a right to love whoever they want, and the right to believe in anything, or nothing. But it seems that these basic human rights do not fit in with the Republican agenda, and therefore are pedalled to the masses through the poison that erupts from the mouths of those who present Fox and Friends. Case in point: the furore surrounding Obama’s birth certificate. I mean, what the fuck? No sane population would stoop to that level of childishness to discredit a universally liked public figure. But then again, no sane population would elect George W Bush to two terms in office, so there you go.

I guess that the main focus of my rant hasn’t so much been the idiocy of Fox News, but of American ignorance in general. I realise that the UK, and pretty much every country on Earth, has their fair share of nutters, and it may seem unfair to point the finger solely at our colonial frenemy. But sometimes they really do make it too easy.

“I just wanted to see how much of an insult it was to be called ‘an ignoramus’, since I didn’t know what it meant I just Googled it…it’s an ignorant…lawyer”
-Gretchen Carlson, Fox and Friends presenter


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